CSS properties that take a URL value

The following CSS properties take a URL value:

  • background-image
  • cursor
  • list-style-image
  • background
  • list-style

Installing Tomcat (tomcat6) on Suse 11.1

On SuSE 11.1, "zypper search java" indicated that I don't have any JRE or JDK installed.

"zypper install tomcat6" will install tomcat and will also install java-1_5_0-sun.

Next, did "sudo /sbin/yast2", then from System, System Services, started tomcat6. yast2 indicated a success (note: it's fake).

Pointed my browser to localhost:8080 (the default port for tomcat), nothing was there.

"telnet localhost 8080" indicated that nothing is listenning there.

Looked at the log file /usr/share/tomcat6/logs/catalina.out, which had an entry saying:

tkcvs and tkdiff on Suse 11.1

tkcvs is a gui front-end for cvs. I got the package from, installed by running the included doinstall.tcl script, which installed tkcvs and tkdiff to /usr/local.

When trying to diff a source file with its previous version, tkdiff failed to launch and I got the dreaded "expected integer but got "bold"" error.

Fixed this by installing tkdiff using zypper (which installed to /usr/bin) and changed tkcvs_def.tcl so that /usr/bin/tkdiff is used instead of the one in /usr/local

How much Ontario spends on roads.

About 4 million cars in Ontario (one for every two poeple). The province spends about $6B every year on roads. This is about $1500 per car. Now we pay $75 per year for license, and in 2006, I paid about $500 in PST for gas purchase.

Toronto Mayor David Miller was urging the province to spend more on public transit (currently it pays about $4B) and less on roads.

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